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How to impact energy efficiency of buildings?

Buildings cover around 40% of the energy consumption in the world which makes it crucial part for creating a more sustainable environment. There are many factors impacting energy efficiency of building, however, it is widely known that windows cover around 40% of the energy loss of buildings. Therefore, it is important for construction companies to consider what windows they purchase and for window manufacturers to care about the products they sell since it plays a significant role in energy efficiency. When everyone does their part in the chain, energy efficiency can be enhanced.

Insulating glass units impact thermal performance of windows

One option to achieve energy efficiency is choosing insulating glass units (IGUs) as they perform well in thermal control – but only if filled correctly. Impacting the heat flow or loss is important because one third of the primary energy in the buildings goes to heating and cooling. Choosing the right windows is therefore also a cost saving action.

IGUs are made by sandwiching a layer of insulating material, typically air or gas, between two or more layers of glass. This structure helps to reduce the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of a building, which can result in energy savings and improved thermal comfort.

As told previously, gas fill plays a significant role in insulting performance of IGUs, and it can be enhanced by using noble gases and optimizing the cavity size. This performance is expressed with U-value in which lower value means better performance. Therefore, measuring the gas concentration of insulating glasses has become more important than ever as it contributes to the energy efficacy of the insulating glass.

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