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Detect fires before flames arise and significantly reduce false alarms

MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect sources of fire reliably and early. By using thermal radiometry technology, the detection of fires is usually possible even before flames arise – up to 60 meters away and even outdoors. MOBOTIX is the first video system manufacturer with quadruple fire protection certification – VdS, EN54-10, CNPP and PBST which allows integration into existing fire alarm systems. Put your trust in high quality when it comes to protecting people, systems and assets!

MOBOTIX thermal cameras impress with their fast and inexpensive installation. The setup is, for instance, much simpler than with linear heat detectors and works outdoors. Additionally, the system can react faster, for example, because it detects heat before it rises to the ceiling. thanks to the MOBOTIX thermal technology does not depend on smoke development as aspirating smoke detectors do.

Expand your fire protection to completely new areas: Use MOBOTIX Thermal Technology to reliably monitor large and unclear open areas, large rooms, material accumulations and bulk materials as well as warehouses.

Groundbreaking: Reduce false alarms significantly with thermal applications!

With the MOBOTIX Thermal TR Technology and the Thermal Validation App, you can detect and filter out hot objects that appear in the camera image but are not critical. Such as, for example, vehicles with hot engines driving through the monitored area. That is how the intelligent app effectively reduces false alarms or, at best, avoids them completely.

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