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Is your organization ready for mobile access?

Idesco ID is an easy to use, powerful mobile access solution, different from other market competitors. Idesco ID lets you send credentials to phones – directly from your own system. No need for parallel systems, no logging into the cloud to manage user credentials. Idesco ID also has different service levels to fit all size organizations. Whatever you choose, you’ll only pay for the mobile credentials you use and never worry about their end date.

Another cool product Idesco offers is a new time-saving app: Mobile Coder. This app, with an intuitive interface, lets you configure installed readers using your phone. Simply define what you want to update, then bring your phone close to the reader and it reconfigures in seconds. Best of all, it’s free.

Come to our FireSafety and Security 2023 stand at Brabanthalle E.02, to see Idesco ID being demonstrated for yourself. Additionally, Idesco’s Benelux Area Sales Manager, Markku Ruuskanen, will present about how Idesco ID and Mobile Coder can simplify mobile access for your organization. Brabanthalle’s Meeting Room, Tuesday, April 12, 12:00, Idesco ID: Send access rights to phones from your own system.

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